Broker Services

We now offer Free and Fee based services for commercial brokers and consultants. Some of the services are optional and others are essential. Each has it’s unique appeal depending on the situation you are challenged with. Services like our Lender Introductory service was provided as an alternative cost saving DIY service for seasoned financiers and consultants.

Correspondents Services

We strive to protect the special relationship that you have fostered with your borrower – and we put that protection in writing for two years from his/her last submission. The best protection is that you become our correspondent when we send the term sheet on any loan. This protects you in three major areas:

  1. It’s secure: You never have to go through your borrower for fees, we secure your payment.
  2. It’s cost-neutral: It does not cost the borrower any more to use your services than if he/she called us direct. Your client will continue to depend on your consultation and guidance for this and future transactions.
  3. It cuts through red tape: In this scenario, you are our partner, not a broker. This alleviates issues that you may have with licensing as states require various forms of commercial mortgage brokers licenses. The license issue goes away when our lender pays you, not the borrower. You are responsible for understanding any local laws in your state or municipality as they may apply.

With our Broker Correspondents program, we share in the profit revenues earned from a loan closing. These fees are paid usually within one day of the closing. The fees earned will vary based on specific project. | Register Here |

 Fee Based Services

Commercial Loan Packaging
Rates: $497.00 to $1,200.00

We frequent receive loan request from investors that include, word file, excel files, pdf’s, jpegs, gif  as part of the investor’s loan request. Most of these submissions are automatically declined because the loan simply isn’t packaged properly. A professionally packaged loan must not only contain all the right documents , but it must also be in the proper format. A large percentage of our submissions are never viewed because they require too much time to review because the data is either incomplete or in the improper format.  Those project are either put on the bottom of the files or are deleted . Let us package your project the way investors want it to get the most from your efforts. We will package you project using Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines. Our Rates range from $500.00 to $800.00 depending on the complexity of the projects. | Call for discounts rates |

Commercial Property Packaging And Underwriting Service
Rates: $1,200.00 to $3,200.00

Property underwriting is one of the most important factors that determine whether a project is financed and the rates and terms that will be offered. 90% of all commercial loans are denied by commercial underwriters. In order to increase the chances of getting your projects approved, we recommend that all of our have their properties professionally underwritten prior to submitting for approval. This one process can save weeks and thousand’s of dollars in cost and fees. A professionally underwritten property automatically qualifies for the best terms and rates. Don’t gamble on your financing, do it the right way and get the best deal. You only have one chance to make your best impression. Our underwriting service includes loan packaging also.  Our rates for underwriting commercial projects using CMSA  guidelines .  |Learn More  Here

Lender Introduction Service


Many Money Brokers And Consultants have clients with projects that are outside of their normal project frame work and need to locate lenders or investors that specialize in a particular area. These can be projects in special areas of the country, unique industries, new technologies, brown field projects or even conventional projects beyond the $10 Million Dollar range.

If you have such a situation, we can assist you.  With new this service, you can leveraging our commercial financing database. Rather than spending a lot time searching, investigating, validating, qualifying potential funders for your projects and splitting fees, let us do the heavy work and bring the funders to you. The best part is that you do not have to share any of your fees with us. We simply charge a small fee for our research time . Once our initial research is completed and we are comfortable with our results, we notify you of our results and formally introduce you to the Funders on a conference call. At that point, you will work directly with your funders and we are removed from the process.
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