Energy Financing

Financing Oil, Gas, Hydro, Solar And Wind Projects

Gas industry, gas transmission system

We have direct financing sources for all types of energy projects such as Oil& Gas, above and below ground assets for Mining projects, Solar and Wind farms.  Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, and some Equity financing is available.

Clients must be able to show the lender that they have skin-in-the game and have on hand at least 5 – 10% cash liquidly to be taken seriously.  Funding timeframe is 45 days up to 3 months.

Listed below is the information we will require to get your project funded. Some information may be applicable to your project and some not.

Please provide as much relevant information so we can help you get funded:

o  Business Plan
o  Executive Summary
o  Proforma Financials
o  Balance Sheet
o  Resumes of Principals
o  Resume of Developer and List of Projects Completed
o  Appraisal Report  (if applicable/ must be performed by an MAI Certified
   appraiser or equivalent)
o  Feasibility Study
o  Breakdown of Funds already invested in the project
o  Detail Use of Funds
o  Comprehensive Exit Strategy
o  Power Purchase Agreement
o  Off Take Agreements / Letters of Interest / Contracts etc
o  Assays/Geological Reports/ Proof of Reserves

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